Join the Academy!

If you’re ready to explore the Recovery Coach career path, the Recovery Coach Training Academy is the right place for you!  Enrolling is the first step in the journey towards training, certification, ongoing support, and valuable networking with others serving as coaches throughout Idaho. 

In order to attend an upcoming Recovery Coach training session, applicants are asked to complete an Academy enrollment application.  The steps involved in enrollment help prepare you for training and your future role as a coach.  Passing a background check and ensuring the completion of your high school diploma/GED are required to complete certification as a Recovery Coach, and the Academy is here to help – you don’t have to have all the certification requirements met to enroll. 


By allowing the Academy to assist you from the beginning, you will be better prepared for training and entering the workforce.  In working side by side with you as you work to meet these requirements up front, the Academy helps remove potentially frustrating obstacles that may otherwise be unknown.  Once enrollment is completed, the Academy will help you find the next upcoming training class to attend. 


Enrolling in the Recovery Coach Training Academy will connect you with valuable support and resources as you pursue Recovery Coach certification.  Recovery Coach training is only $150 for the weeklong session, and payment will only be required once enrollment is complete and the right training session for you has been identified. Recovery Coach Supervisor training is only $50 for the two-day course, and payment is only required once enrollment is confirmed.    


Enroll today, and let the Recovery Coach Training Academy support your Recovery Coach journey!



Recovery Coach Training - Twin Falls

Training Course  |  $150  | July 15 - 19  |  Twin Falls  |  8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

This weeklongcourse is constructed to prepare potential coacheswith the skills, resources, and knowledge necessarynot only to achieve certification, but to be a successful,impactful Recovery Coach. Designed to be completed in one week, this class will take place Monday through Friday, and maintains an intense schedule each day to provide the robust skill building necessary. Training focuses on the required domains: Advocacy, Mentoring/Education, Recovery/Wellness Support, and Ethical Responsibility.  Enrollment closes July 8.


24 - 25

Recovery Coach Supervisor Training - Virtual 

​Training Course  |  $50  | July 24 - 25  |  9:00 AM - 6:00 PM  |  Online

Supervision is integral to having successful Recovery Coaches, and this training will provide essential fundamentals for those in a supervision role.  This two-day course offers Recovery Coach Supervisors a solid understanding of the principles and practices of not only the Recovery Coach role, but also how to consistently support and develop Recovery Coaches while providing ethical and effective coaching. Enrollment closes July 19.