About Us

BPA Health, with funding from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, is proud to launch the Recovery Coach Training Academy.

The Recovery Coach Training Academy was founded on a deep belief in the power and impact of a well-trained, consistently supported, peer workforce. Recovery coach services are incredibly valuable for individuals pursuing sustainable recovery from a substance use disorder, and Idaho recognizes the importance of developing this career path.

Walking side by side with individuals as they take their recovery journey, Recovery Coaches help in the creation of personalized recovery plans.  They provide a wide variety of support, including:
  • emotional (empathy and concern)
  • informational (resource connection)
  • instrumental (life building connections like housing and employment), and 
  • community recovery resources

Recovery Coaches are focused on strengths and long-term recovery

Recovery Coaches meet a variety of needs working in community recovery centers, criminal justice programs, diverse treatment agencies, emergency rooms, other health care facilities, and more. 

Idaho communities will see a wide positive impact by linking an individual taking early steps toward recovery, just finishing treatment, or recently released from incarceration with a certified recovery coach.  Increased housing stability, reduced relapse rates, decreased criminal justice involvement, and improved access to social supports are but a few of the documented results.

Designed to meet participants where they are, the Academy will offer accessible training sessions, assist in the successful pursuit of certification and employment, create opportunities for effective networking, and educate the diverse regions of Idaho as to the incredible work done within the Recovery Coach role. 

Ultimately, the Recovery Coach Training Academy is rooted in the belief that recovery is for everyone, and creating a professional workforce of certified Recovery Coaches helps make this possible for Idaho. 

Ready to explore the Recovery Coach career path? Enrolling in the Recovery Coach Academy will connect you with valuable support and resources as you pursue Recovery Coach certification.  Enroll today, and let the Recovery Coach Training Academy support your Recovery Coach journey!

Our Mission

To intentionally grow and support the recovery coach workforce throughout Idaho, positively impacting sustainable recovery for all.